Esther M. Smith

For many years Esther took for granted what many artists long for...the natural ability to draw people that seem alive. As early as her school days she showed an innate artistic talent for making artwork come alive, especially the human face.
Majoring in anthropology in college, she took art classes only for relaxation. Her art teachers insisted that she should pursue art, but she never considered a career in art and went on to earn a B.S. degree in sociology.
Upon moving to California in 1975, she began drawing and painting Native Americans and western scenics, often relying on old photos of her family in Utah around the turn of the century. She was quickly selling well in galleries and shows throughout the late '70's.

With the birth of her son in 1981, her fledging art career was put on hold for the next ten years.
In 1993 Esther was able to return to her favorite medium of pencil, and created a series entitled The Great Lovers of History and Literature, which proved instantly successful.
Esther admits that she struggled for years to discover her major purpose in life until she realized that using her special gift to bring pleasure to others through her art was her purpose and was a worthy and achievable goal.
In The Great Lovers and the newer Angle series, Esther uses her love of archeology and anthropology to research the culture surrounding each story ensuring that everything from clothing to hairstyles is accurate to the time period represented.
To make sure her collectors fully understand and appreciate their prints, she includes a brief summary of the story or history upon which each image is based. She likes the fact that her prints are educational, as well as being enjoyable to the soul.